Big Data Challenges in Cyber Security

Jan 4, 2020·
Rishabh Tomar
· 4 min read


With the recent development in Computer Technology there is rapid increase in amount of data which is stored on Internet, on social network, bank-data, organization's data etc. With this increase of size of data there are some challenges also arising to safeguard this data and provide privacy to holders of the data[1]


In the recent years the size of data in various sectors online like social Networking, E-commerce, etc is increasing and it can not be stored or manipulated using traditional Database Management, thus leading us to Big data Technology. Big data deals with huge collection of digital information offline or online, here we are concerned over online data[1]
When we talk about Social Networking then the Number of users are increasing day by day. People share vital information with different websites and use this platform to share information with other users
Here some challenges that arises are to keep and transmit the information correct information to correct user and to maintain a boundary between the employees of data centers and user's data so as to maintain the privacy of data.
Other issues is with users storing there vital information on cloud storage. For example I am a user having accounts on multiple websites that require login information, so instead of remembering the login details of different websites, I use google passwords to store my passwords and that can be accessed on different devices.Now here challenge is this data is stored at different location on the globe and to provide the data to the user when he demands its copies are maintained at more than one location, so there are plenty of files transferring from one end to other, as this data is large applying traditional encryption will consume time, and if it is transferred without applying some security then it it is vulnerable to security attacks. Hence we should come up with new security technique is a current challenge.
Now when we talk about E-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart they have millions of users, and lacks of users purchasing lacks of itema daily. Users cart and card details are present with the E-commerce Website to provide faster checkout facility to the user, also these websites keep the data to study the users buying trend[2]. So the amount of data increases day by day, we can say it as the dynamic data(STREAMING DATA). Thus it becomes necessary to randomly apply security checks on this data otherwise if this data goes to some Hacker, then he may alter the information or steel the vital information of user which will cause Financial loss to the organization and also it will loose users trust.

Related work

Very few research has been carried out on large amount of data. One such recent work is Applying encryption on Big data Thus calling it as BigCrypt. Traditionally encryption technologies were either asymmetric key encryption or symmetric key encryption but the above approach uses the Probabilistic approach to PGP technique which uses the mix of both techniques(symmetric and asymmetric)

$t_{m}= E_{s}(M)+E_{P_{Reciever}}(S)$

$S= D_{Pr}(E_{P_{Reciever}}(S))$


The other way to increase security for the user data is enhanced by adding prefix & suffix to the information from the user so that the user data is in encrypted format making it difficult for the hackers to understand. The encrypted data is saved in the database table and the original user data is saved in some other table and both are stored separately .Security is enhanced as the data is stored in two tables with the encrypted database placed instead of original database. As the hackers access the data, they will find only the encrypted database which is of no use instead of the original database enhancing the security of the user data.


with the Emerging need of Big data there is the need to address the various issues related to Big data security.
As the data is vary large traditional methods will not work. some new security methods should be proposed with increased time efficiency.


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