CS223: Software Engineering

  • Credits L-T-P [C]: 3-0-3 [4]
  • Where: LHB106
  • When: Tue 10:00-10:50, Thu 9:00-9:50, Fri 11:00-11:50
  • Lab: Fri 14:00-16:30
Pre-requisite: CS212



  1. Introduction: Problem of software development, problem of scale, basic process approach, etc.
  2. Software Process Models: concept of processes, process specification, process models & utilities
  3. Advanced Object-based Modeling - Unified Modified Language
    • Structural Diagrams: Profile, Component, Package, Deployment, and Composite Structure
    • Behavioral Diagrams: Timing, Communication, and Interaction Overview
  4. Requirement analysis and specification: the basic problem, the sub-phases in the phase, analysis techniques (structured analysis), specification, validation, function point analysis, coding requirement specification in UML.
  5. Design principles and structured design methodology: partitioning, top-down and bottom-up, step-wise refinement, coupling and cohesion, design on UML
  6. Coding: style, structured programming, verification concepts
  7. Testing: testing purpose, levels of testing, black box testing, white box testing, different test case generation approaches, test planning, test scenarios, regression testing
  8. Project planning: effort, schedule, quality, project monitoring, and Configuration Management
  9. Agile Software Development: The agile philosophy, agile process models, agile project management, SCRUM, SPRINT.
  10. Test-Driven Development: Test case design, workflow, refinements


  1. Software Requirements Specification: Prepare SRS for the given systems like Leave Management System, Assignment Management System, Story Management System (Newspaper House) etc. (Every student works with her / his partner with one specified system - chosen from a set of 20 systems)
  2. HDL and LLD of the Systems under Development
  3. Coding and implementation of the System
  4. Test Modeling with UML - Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Regression Test
  5. Deployment and Customer Feedback
  6. Requirements Migration and Version Management

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